Ndzuti Safari Camp: 3/5 Big 5 Spotted, but 5/5 Star Experience

This modest safari camp nestled deep in the Klaserie Game Reserve offered an escape from the bustle of Joburg and provided an incredible peek into the animal kingdom.

Booking a safari for my parents who were visiting and I proved to be a difficult task. I wanted to find the best of both worlds: adequate accommodation for a those who were not ready to rough it, and an intimate interaction with the wildlife. Ndzuti Safari Camp fulfilled both seamlessly.

I scavenged the internet, reading blogs, TripAdvisor reviews, websites, and a lot of  Google searches later I found a great deal through “Budget Safari’s.” The Cape Town based tourism company helped book transportation and played the liaison between my family and the safari camp. The only hesitation was that I was unsure of exactly which safari camp we would be staying at.

To my pleasant surprise, we arrived at Ndzuti Safari Camp which I had marked as one of the nicer options. Before we even arrived at the camp, we spotted impala, elephants, giraffes, waterbuck, and warthogs.  Then upon arrival, our baggage was taken in, we moved into spacious rooms, and were encouraged to feel at home. A full bar and variety of drinks were available for purchase 24/7, and snacks were also set out.

After settling in, we set off immediately for a game drive. Bruce, one of the owners and guides, and John, another experienced guide, offered tips for spotting the wildlife and knowledgeable facts without cluttering the drive with chatter. As we twisted and turned through the bush, I was eager to see anything and everything. We saw rhinos and elephants and lots of birds before enjoying a “sundowner” drink overlooking the Klaserie River. The view was spectacular and it was a wonderful way to start the trip.

The meals were incredible! The cook, Ma Sina, made South African dishes with a gourmet flair. I felt so well fed because it was too hard not to go back for seconds. Each meal was served outside since the weather was so nice, and we were able to watch the watering hole while we ate. On the third morning, we had a “breakfast in the bush” where we ate our breakfast in the middle of our drive with the wilderness all around.

Judy, another one of the owners and guides, was eager to point out birds and the surrounding flora. Judy and Bruce are a married couple who share a love for the bush, and gave us a beautiful peak into how illusive but humbling the wildlife can be.

We were not able to see any of the big cats on our drive, and we almost missed our shuttle back because we stayed out so long trying to find them, but I was more than satisfied with our drives.

The animals we saw were completely wild and unpredictable. We had a little run in with some of the elephants who we learned are very protective. We witnessed the skittishness of zebras, the awkward grace of the giraffes, the adorable steinbok, the natural beauty of impala, the majestic kudu, the funny looking waterbuck, and the enormity of the rhino.

I was so impressed with the beauty and diversity that the Klaserie River provided, and so thankful for the chance to observe these incredible creatures in their natural habitat rather than cages.

To see more about Ndzuti Safari Camp click here.

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