Inviting path-seekers, language-learners, and.. er.. adventurous eaters to join for a meal of bushmeat stirfry.

This is an attempt at a travel, food, language, and culture blog with insight and humor (hopefully).

Erik lived in the world’s largest city while studying Mandarin at Fudan University and teaching English. Since then, he’s returned home, worked in food justice and affordable housing sectors, and co-created a website on food and sustainability, Good Food Gratitude (which is now on hiatus, in case you’re wondering). He moved to Berlin in 2016 by way of Vientiane to study Environmental Planning and daydream about last summer. He’s now a Fulbright Research Scholar to Laos working with the International Water Management Institute. The ideas expressed in this blog are obviously not the official views of the Fulbright organization or IWMI. When not writing, Erik spends his time hiking, reading, or cooking, or maintaining an off-topic peanut gallery on Twitter: @erikfruth.

Contributor Alli Westerhoff worked in Johannesburg as a marketer for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of South Africa. She’s on Twitter as @allihoff and wrote for Bushmeat Stirfry in addition to her excellent personal blog.

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